Brookhaven DUI reduced

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Client was stopped when turning on to wrong side of roadway in Brookhaven.  Client agreed to perform field sobriety evaluations and showed sufficient number of clues to arrest for DUI.  When asked to submit to the state’s breath test, client agreed after being told several times it was “required”.   Client blew a 0.129 on the Intoxilyzer 9000.  Mr. Sullivan was able to negotiate the Brookhaven DUI down to a Reckless Driving disposition.

Doraville/DeKalb DUI dismissed: .113 breath test

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Client was stopped by Doraville police for no headlights and failing to maintain lane.  Although client did not “pass” field sobriety evaluations, client looked and sounded sober on the video.  After being arrested for DUI in Doraville as well as open container, no headlights, and failure to maintain lane, client was asked to submit to a state administered test of client’s breath.  Client consented and the result was a .113.  Client also wanted an independent test – the Doraville DUI officer dictated where client could go for test.  The independent test was also above .08, but because client was not able to get an independent test of her own choosing, the DeKalb County State Court prosecutor agreed that the chemical tests would not be admissible at trial.  The DUI charges were dismissed and client entered a negotiated plea to failure to maintain lane and open container.

NFL Defensive Tackle Nick Fairley Not Guilty of DUI

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Detroit Lions defensive lineman Nick Fairley was acquitted of DUI by a jury of his peers in Mobile, Alabama, this week.  The former All-American standout at Auburn University, who starred in their National Championship season, was arrested for DUI in 2012 in his hometown of Mobile after being stopped for driving over 100 mph.  He allegedly failed field sobriety tests at the scene (weighing approx. 300 lbs), and declined to take a breathalyzer.  The jury found him guilty of Reckless Driving, and he was ordered to pay a $500 fine.

Cops Want Google To Disable Waze App

Millions of drivers use the Waze app on their mobile devices to assist with their daily commute or other highway travel.  The app alerts drivers to accidents, traffic jams, and other traffic issues by participating members posting what they have observed.  But the app also allows drivers to alert others of the location of police officers, and that’s got some officials upset.

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Cobb County Police Cite Driver For Eating While Driving

We all know that it’s illegal to drink an alcoholic beverage while driving.  But an Alabama man recently learned that the Cobb County Police think it is illegal to eat a hamburger while driving.  The man was cited for “distracted driving.”  Seriously – you can’t make this stuff up!

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Tennessee DUI Cop Arrests Over 300 People, Many Cases Dismissed

A Red Bank, TN police officer is apparently known as the “DUI King” after making over 300 DUI arrests since 2012.  But many question his standards for making an arrest.  Almost 30% of his cases have ended up being dismissed, many of them after his suspects blew under the legal limit.

We have some officers here in the metro Atlanta area that fall into the same category.  A person arrested for suspicion of DUI can blow well under the limit and still be booked, creating a permanent arrest record he or she will have to explain forever.

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How NOT to Avoid a DUI Conviction

If you are being arrested for a DUI in Georgia, things you should consider are whether to submit to the test, whether to ask for an independent test, whom you should call to bail you out of jail, and most importantly, which DUI lawyer you should hire to vigorously defend the charges.

What you should not consider doing is offering the arresting officer thousands of dollars in unmarked bills to let you go.

According to the Columbia County News-Times, that is what an Augusta businessman allegedly did when he was arrested by the State Patrol for DUI in McDuffie County last Sunday night. See for the article.

According to the article, the man was re-arrested three days later on a felony bribery warrant.

Colorado DOT Post Humorous Videos to Discourage Driving While High

As most of us are aware, Colorado has de-criminalized the recreational use of marijuana. But of course, it is still illegal, not to mention very dangerous, to drive if you are actually high on marijuana.

The Colorado Department of Transportation [CDOT] has published a few videos that humorously point out some things you can legally do high, such as play basketball, grill steaks, or install a new TV, while reminding you that driving is not one of them.

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