Blue Ridge DUI-Drugs Resolved

Young client in North Georgia kayaking and fishing with a couple buddies was stopped by State Patrol for speeding 54/40 around 10:30 pm.  Trooper smelled weed, questioned the driver and passenger, searched the vehicle and found a small amount of pot.  Field sobriety tests performed, client admitted smoking pot a few hours earlier.  Arrested for DUI, Speeding and VGCSA (Possession of < oz. marijuana).  Four months later, having produced three clean drug screens, Bob Chestney was able to persuade the prosecutor to reduce the DUI to Reckless Driving and client pled Nolo Contendere to that charge, with the Speeding charge merged.  The Possession of Marijuana was amended to a municipal ordinance violation.  Client paid fines on both and avoided probation.