Cobb County: DUI Dismissed for Lack of Reasonable Suspicion to Stop

Our client here was going through a troubling time in her marriage, to the point where her husband called 911 when she left their home with her baby, and told the police she was drunk. Cobb County Police were dispatched, and pulled her over a couple miles from her home, despite seeing no traffic violation. She told police she had left in fear for her safety and that of her child, but the cops focused on the odor of alcohol on her breath. When she refused to do any field sobriety tests, she was arrested for DUI and Child Endangerment.  The judge heard testimony from the estranged husband and the arresting officer, then watched the video of the stop and arrest; then found there was no lawful justification to pull her over to begin with, and no probable cause to arrest her. All charges were dropped.