DeKalb Police S.T.A.R. Team

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DeKalb Police S.T.A.R. Team

The DeKalb Police S.T.A.R. Team (Strategic Traffic Accident Reduction) or sometimes referred to as the DeKalb DUI Task Force work in conjunction with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.  The DeKalb S.T.A.R. Team receives grants to supplement their budget through Federal and State funding, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety – including the H.E.A.T. program (Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic), and other sources.  This year, the H.E.A.T. Unit received an additional grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.  The primary goal of the DeKalb DUI Task Force/S.T.A.R. Team is to combat impaired drivers/drunk drivers.  There are currently three members of the S.T.A.R. Team in DeKalb: T.P. Dunn, and David Meeks.  The DeKalb DUI Task Force frequently utilizes programs through the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety such as Operation Zero Tolerance, Click it or Ticket, 100 Days of Summer Heat, Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over, and others.  The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is activating H.E.A.T. units to patrol for impaired drivers for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Here is a recent post about the dangers of drinking and driving:

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) will be conducting the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign from December 13 through New Year’s Day.

In DeKalb County, the DeKalb Police S.T.A.R. Team regularly patrols Peachtree Road/Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Brookhaven, Decatur, Interstate 85, Interstate 285, and Interstate 20 corridors. 

The DeKalb Police S.T.A.R. Team/DUI Task Force,  like all DeKalb police officers, has received DUI training in the police academy.  Most DeKalb DUI Task Force officers trained have received an additional 24-hour standardized field sobriety course endorsed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  Some DeKalb DUI Task Force officers have received additional DUI training such as ARIDE (Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement), or DRE (Drug Recognition Expert).  All of the DeKalb Police S.T.A.R. Team/DeKalb DUI Task Force officers are certified by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to operate Georgia’s newest breath testing instrument, the Intoxilyzer 9000.

Current members of the DeKalb S.T.A.R. Team/DUI Task Force include Officers David Meeks, and Timothy Dunn, among others.

The DeKalb County Police Department recently received a $20,000 grant to enforce speeding, occupant safety (seat belts, child seats), and impaired driving.  The traffic enforcement unit would work in conjunction with the DeKalb S.T.A.R. team and MATEN the Metro Atlanta Traffic Enforcement Network that is part of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety’s Traffic Enforcement Networks.  

In 2014, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) awarded Officers Brian Whelchel and Timothy Dunn with MADD Red Pins for the number of DeKalb DUI arrests they made in the previous year.  Officers Connie Curtis and Mario Streeter also received MADD Gold Pins in 2014 for the number of DeKalb DUI arrests they made the previous year.  Officer David Meeks received a MADD Bronze Pin in 2014 for the number of DeKalb DUI arrests he made the previous year.

Officer Connie Curtis also received a MADD DRE White Pin in 2014.

Our DUI attorneys know how to challenge a DeKalb DUI case.  We are trained in Standardized Field Sobriety evaluations and have received training on the operation and limitations of the Intoxilyzer 5000 and 9000.  We currently own three Intoxilyzer 5000 breath testing devices.  Mr. Sullivan was certified in Standardized Field Sobriety evaluations by members of the Conyers Police Department and Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office.  One of the benefits of investigating a DeKalb S.T.A.R. Team DUI arrest is that most of their patrol vehicles are equipped with video and audio.  Their video equipment has some features similar to a DVR or TVO that many people have at home for their TVs.  Their equipment is continuously recording, but will not preserve anything until the officer manually activates the recording or activates his emergency equipment (lights).  Then the video will preserve somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds of time before activation and typically the DeKalb DUI Task Force officers will run their video until their investigation is complete.  Most will run their videos until they reach the jail.  Videos can be obtained through the court process.

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