Just Say No (NOTHING) . . . When The DUI Cop Starts Asking Questions

“May I see your license please?” – that’s the first thing you usually hear from the police officer who just pulled you over.  No doubt you should comply.

“How much have you had to drink tonight?” – that’s the next thing you hear; but now it is time to stop and think before you answer.

Rarely does a driver have the courage to tell the police that she does not wish to make any statements or answer any questions.  But that is exactly what you should do – regardless of what your answer would have been.  IT NEVER PAYS TO GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT.

First, the cop isn’t likely to believe you.  Even if you truly only had one beer a couple hours ago, you will be asked to prove it by submitting to a preliminary breath test and/or a series of field sobriety exercises a gymnast would have difficulty with.  And then when you politely decline to participate, the officer will begin an argument you cannot win about why if you only had one beer, you would refuse testing.

Second, it is a no-win situation if you answer any questions.  Anything you say that might incriminate you can be used in court against you; but your statements that would actually help you are not admissible.  And if you lie to a police officer in the lawful exercise of his duties, you could be charged with obstruction or other criminal offense.

The police are actually trained in what they call verbal judo, which should be self-explanatory.  Do you really want to verbally tangle with someone who has been professionally trained to get the best of you in any discussion?

So if you find yourself pulled over and being questioned by the police, just politely reply, “I do not wish to answer any questions or make any further statements.  Here in Georgia, your pre-arrest silence cannot even be introduced into evidence against you!