Athens DUI (Under 21) reduced to Reckless Driving

Under 21 student at UGA was stopped by Georgia State Patrol Nighthawks late at night for hitting the curb on a right turn.  Although the trooper smelled the odor of alcohol, our client denied drinking.  He reluctantly agreed to field sobriety tests (mistake), and was arrested for DUI in Athens, Underage Possession of Alcohol and Improper Turn.  He wisely refused to submit to any breath test.

The charges were filed in Athens State Court.  Although the judge ruled that the trooper did have reasonable grounds for the traffic stop, prior to trial Bob Chestney was able to persuade the prosecutor to drop the Athens DUI charge, in return for a plea to Reckless Driving and a conditional discharge on the Underage Possession charge.  This saved our young client’s driver’s license and criminal record.

Athens DUI, Accident: DUI dismissed

Client was involved in an accident after a UGA football game and remained on scene to provide insurance information.  Officers showed up and conducted a DUI investigation including submitting to a portable breathalyzer.  Client was arrested and refused to submit to a breath test at the jail.  Mr. Sullivan was able to successfully negotiate a Reckless Driving disposition with the prosecution and the court.