Success City of Monroe DUI, .175 Breath Test (case dismissed)

Our client was found by City of Monroe Police asleep in the driver’s seat of a vehicle parked in front of an entrance to a night club with the engine running.  The Monroe officer conducted a DUI investigation, where our client did everything that was asked of him, including field sobriety evaluations.  Our client even agreed after arrest for his DUI in the City of Monroe to submit to a breath test.  The breath test result was .175.  The legal limit in Georgia is .08.  The encounter between the Monroe police and our client was respectful on both sides.  Mr. Sullivan was able to persuade the prosecution that they would have a difficult time trying to prove an essential element of a DUI charge that our client moved the vehicle at some point while in an impaired condition or that the breath test was conducted within three hours of when driving ended. There was still a possibility that the prosecution could have made there case, however Mr. Sullivan was able to negotiate an outright dismissal if our completed some terms, which our client happily did.  Monroe DUI charge dismissed.