Covington Possession of Marijuana: Dismissed upon completion of conditions

Our client was stopped by Covington Police for speeding (61/45).   The Covington officer conducted a DUI investigation as our client was acting odd and had restricted pupils.  Our client passed field sobriety evaluations ans was not charged with DUI, however, the officer got consent  to search our client’s vehicle after smelling to odor of burnt marijuana.  During the search, the officer found a container with marijuana in it and was arrested. Mr. Sullivan was able to successfully negotiate a full dismissal of the marijuana charge in exchange for our client performing community service, substance abuse evaluation and a responsible behavior class.  

Marijuana Possession with Intent to Distribute- Henry County Dismissal

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped by a Henry County Police K-9 Officer for Failure to Maintain Lane on I-75.  After questioning and an alert by the officer’s drug dog, the vehicle was searched.  A pound of marijuana and a scale was located.  Through Skip Sullivan’s work and coordination with the co-defendant’s attorneys, we were able to get our client’s case completely dismissed.