Atlanta Municipal Court: .098 DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

Client stopped by GSP Nighthawks for Speeding and Failing to Maintain Lane on Piedmont Road in Buckhead. Struggled with field sobriety tests, arrested and blew .098 at the jail. We provided extensive medical records including a spinal fusion to explain poor performance, emphasized clean 35-year spotless driving records, and the City Solicitor agreed to drop the DUI, and allow a plea to Reckless Driving and Speeding. Probably saved client’s banking executive position.

Fulton County State Court (State Patrol Nighthawks): .122 Blood Test DUI Dismissed

Young female client pulled over in Buckhead by GSP Nighthawks for Failure to Maintain Lane. Arrested for DUI, refused breath test, but Trooper obtained a search warrant for blood. GBI test result was 0.122. After a contested hearing on our motions, the State conceded that the arrest was illegal, and dismissed both counts of DUI. Client simply pled Nolo to FTML, paid a fine and took a Defensive Driving course. Case closed.

State Patrol NightHawks: DUI Dismissed

Our young female client was stopped by the Georgia State Patrol Nighthawks in the Buckhead area for rolling through a stop sign. She had actually stopped at the balk line, then rolled forward to check for traffic before entering Roswell Road from a side street. After the case was bound over to Fulton State Court, a motion was filed challenging the traffic stop. When the State could not carry its burden of showing that the trooper had reasonable grounds to initiate the stop, our motion was granted and the entire case dismissed.