Troup County DUI Reduced, Drug Charge Dismissed.

Out-of-State client was stopped for speeding on I-85 at about 8:00 am on his way to the Atlanta Airport from a wedding in Montgomery.  His breath still smelled of alcohol from the parties the night before, so the State Trooper felt the need to investigate further.  After performing typical roadside gymnastics, he was subsequently arrested for DUI.  Since he understood only his GA driving privileges would be suspended for refusing a state-administered test, that is the option he chose.  Upon discovering a prescription pill among his belongings, he was also charged with a drug offense

Motions were filed challenging the search and seeking exclusion of evidence, and at the scheduled hearing, Bob Chestney persuaded the prosecutor in Troup County to accept a Nolo plea to Reckless Driving, with all other charges being dismissed.

Troup County: Underage DUI (.202 blood test) Reduced

19-year old client left the roadway and crashed into a tree, but avoided serious injury. Had to be extricated from the totaled vehicle and transported directly to hospital for examination. In the ambulance, implied consent was read and blood test consented to, results came back .202. Because the officer did not make an arrest prior to implied consent, the blood test results were suppressed. This left only a serious accident, the odor of alcohol and an admission of underage drinking. On the eve of trial, the prosecutor agreed to reduces the DUI to Reckless Driving, with probation and alcohol monitoring.