Our Mission

We have never wanted to be the biggest DUI defense firm, just the best.

Our mission is to provide each and every client of Chestney & Sullivan Law Firm with the highest quality of representation possible in order to obtain the absolute best result achievable in each and every case.

Not all DUI law firms are equal

Many lawyers, both in and out of the DUI defense field, are in it for the money. Some of these lawyers flood the Internet with 15-20 websites with the hope of gobbling up every DUI case available. Some advertise on billboards, others pay thousands for full-page ads in the yellow pages. A handful of lawyers actually send letters to every person arrested for DUI seeking his or her business.

On the other hand, our cases come primarily from referrals from friends, satisfied clients and most of all from other lawyers who do not specialize in DUI defense. We are especially gratified to receive frequent referrals from judges, prosecutors and police officers who have seen us represent clients in court firsthand.

At Chestney & Sullivan we deliberately keep our caseload at a level where every case gets 100% of the attention it needs and deserves. Put simply, we do not accept cases just to enter a guilty plea. This in turn ensures that we only accept as many cases as we can be prepared to fully defend all the way to a jury trial, if that is what it takes. On average, the lawyers at Chestney & Sullivan handle only about one case per week. This assures that each of our clients gets the attention they deserve. Learn more about our process.