DUI and Drunken Driving Lawyers in Atlanta, GA

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It is not uncommon for individuals charged with driving under the influence (DUI) to believe their cases are hopeless. Even during the initial stop by police, they start imagining how their lives are going to change when they can no longer drive and have a criminal conviction on their records. With the support of a skilled Georgia DUI lawyer, this does not have to be the case. All throughout Georgia, including Atlanta, DUI lawyers from Chestney & Sullivan help clients obtain acquittals and move forward with their lives.

How a drunk driving lawyer in Georgia can help me

It is important to find someone who focuses exclusively on DUI law when you are looking into the background of various Georgia drunken driving lawyers. Many DUI lawyers in Atlanta are actually criminal lawyers with some experience handling DUI as part of the larger practice. When you choose an Atlanta DUI lawyer whose entire practice focuses on Georgia DUI defense, you can be assured that your lawyer knows every possible technique and provides full services to defend you. You should find a lawyer who:

  • Helps collect evidence. The best Atlanta drunken driving lawyers know the questions to ask and how to guide you to make sure they know every detail of your case from your first meeting on. The very things you think are unimportant often provide the most critical evidence for your case.
  • Has experience with all applicable laws, precedents, and processes. You should hire an Atlanta DUI lawyer who looks at every aspect of your case to formulate the best possible defense. DUI lawyers in Atlanta must be able to find irregularities in the police stop or in your arrest, and they should be able to cite legal precedent for eliminating evidence against you.
  • Offers specialized resources: A drunken driving lawyer in Georgia must have relationships with the very best investigators to refute the evidence against you. You need experts who can create reasonable doubt that blood testing equipment malfunctioned and that the police incorrectly interpreted your condition. A dedicated Georgia drunken driving lawyer uses these tools when building your case and can also point you and your family to any counseling or other resources you may need to get you through this difficult experience.

Contact a board-certified DUI attorney in Georgia

Chestney & Sullivan focuses exclusively on DUI and has one of the few attorneys in Georgia who is board-certified in DUI defense. If you face Georgia DUI charges, you need an experienced local DUI attorney who knows how to fight these cases. Whether you know you are innocent, or even if you feel you cannot avoid conviction, contact Chestney & Sullivan today at 404-816-8777 for the experienced support you need for your case.