What if My Child Is Charged with DUI?

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Many parents contact our office because their child is facing DUI or vehicular homicide charges.  In almost all cases, the child is embarrassed, angry, and afraid of what the future may hold.  The first thing we always tell them is that it’s completely natural to have all of those feelings.

The second thing we do is strongly recommend that the parents hire the very best lawyer to represent their child in both the DUI criminal case and administrative license suspension hearing.

Many times, we also hear parents say that they want their child to learn a lesson and that they are hesitant to help their child through this ordeal.  Being parents, we also understand those feelings.  However, as you consider what emotional and/or financial support you would or would not want to provide your child, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • If your child was arrested for DUI, it’s likely they have already spent 6-24 hours in jail, had their car impounded, been handcuffed and fingerprinted, and experienced a tremendous amount of stress, anxiety, and embarrassment.
  • A Georgia DUI conviction can negatively impact a person for many years, especially financially.  Not only can insurance premiums cost much more, but a criminal conviction for a DUI can stop someone from getting a job, prevent admission to certain schools, not qualify for certain financial scholarships,  and fail the criteria for earning a professional license.
  • If your child is convicted of DUI, the conviction will be on your child’s criminal history FOREVER.  Convictions do not age off or drop off a person’s criminal history.
  • A conviction for a DUI is not eligible for expungement under Georgia law.
  • Colleges and private schools are also imposing disciplinary actions for students charged with DUIs or underage alcohol consumption that are separate from the DUI criminal case.
  • If your child fails to request an administrative license suspension hearing within 30 days of the arrest or loses that hearing, he or she will be unable to drive legally for a number of months, possibly a year or more.
  • If your child told you about their arrest, they trust you — and are looking for the type of support only a parent can provide.

If you want to discuss the options for a child or loved one that has been charged with DUI, call the experienced Georgia DUI attorneys at Chestney & Sullivan.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your child’s case.  Contact us at 404.816.8777