Georgia DUI Client Testimonials

Fulton County State Court – DUI Dismissed

James K. Sullivan (aka “Skip”) did an amazing job handling my DUI case. He kept me informed throughout the entire process, and was always willing to chat when he was available. My case was in progress for roughly two years, and no matter how long I went without contacting him he still remembered me and my case as if we had just spoken the day before. He also put together multiple strategies to fall back on, in case the one we went with worked out. I really did feel as though I could put my complete trust in his expertise, especially because he ALWAYS followed through on any motions, document submissions, etc. that we discussed and furnished me with a copy that included a stamp showing when the court received them. Though your mileage may vary, he was able to get my case thrown out completely in the end. I can honestly say my life could be much, much different had I not chosen Skip to be my attorney. I strongly recommend you do the same. 

Atlanta DUI with Accident

Skip answered my call in the wee hours of the morning, and from that point on was nothing but responsive, professional and proactive in the proceeding legal matters. I really appreciated everything he did, and was extremely thankful for his savvy advice and quick action. His knowledge of the law pairs well with his practical experience, making him a calming and confident asset for those he represents. — Former Client

Atlanta DUI Stopped for Speeding

I was arrested for DUI and was able to get a lawyer very quickly but he didn’t support me or calm my anxiety or answer my questions. A friend referred me to the Chestney Law Firm and after my first meeting with Skip, I felt better immediately. He was extremely knowledgeable about the law and was patient and attentive. I quickly changed lawyers to Skip and that night was the first night I was able to sleep! Skip was able to get the charges changed to reckless driving and I am so thankful I used him. Skip and the staff at Chestney Law Firm are all superior! — Former client

Athens GA DUI with Accident

I was charged with a DUI in Athens, GA. I was told it was the worst possible county to fight such a charge. I put my trust and future in the hands of Skip Sullivan and was not disappointed. Because of Skip’s dedication and abilities in the courtroom I was found not guilty. I would recommend Skip Sullivan to anyone facing the same thing. — H.C.

Just about every other lawyer in the state had given up in reference to filing challenges to roadblocks. Your Baker victory was a great achievement. — G. Hammond Law, III, Attorney

Your work for me has changed my life. I didn’t realize how much all this was affecting me until it was over. You are a client advocate in the truest sense. — E. E.

Thank you for your excellent handling of my daughter’s case. No father wants to see his daughter in court, but if it happens, it’s nice to have someone representing her that has as much knowledge of the law and its uses. — T. K.

I don’t know what you did … I don’t know how you did it … the fact remains — you did it! — C. F.

You and the others in your office were so patient with me. Your expertise and knowledge of the legal world are most impressive. — T. H.

Just wanted to thank you for your extraordinary help with regard to my DUI case. I cannot tell you how fortunate and lucky I feel to have located your firm to represent me. — S. K.

Thank you so very much for everything you did. I feel like I have my life back. — A. C.

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in getting me acquitted on the DUI charge. I thought you countered brilliantly everything the state tried to use against me. I was hesitant to fight my case in the beginning, but clearly, because of you and your defense team, I made the right choice. — N. A.

You were prepared when the time came to argue the case, and your experience clearly paid off during the pretrial hearing. — D. S.

We arrived at your doorstep at a very difficult time in our lives. Your careful demeanor — calm, knowledgeable and reassuring when appropriate — was extraordinarily helpful in getting us through the last five months. — P. D.