What Are the Punishments for DUI

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From the first moment you are found guilty, every convicted Georgia DUI offender faces harsh penalties.  A DUI conviction will stay on your criminal history FOREVER, and the punishments increase dramatically for every subsequent conviction!  In fact, a fourth conviction by an Atlanta DUI offender within ten years of a previous offense is tried as a felony crime and punished accordingly.  Below is a summary of punishments for a Georgia DUI based on prior convictions for DUIs.  For more details about Georgia DUI punishments, click on this link: Georgia DUI Penalties

First offense DUI in Atlanta, GA

Throughout Georgia, including Atlanta, DUI first offenders can receive a possible jail sentence of 12 months, with a fine ranging from $300 to $1,000 plus legislatively mandated surcharges.  Additionally, driver’s license suspensions can extend for up to one year, requiring a hefty reinstatement fee at the end of that period, and every offender must perform a minimum of 40 hours of community service.  A substance abuse evaluation is now required upon conviction and most cases require minimum of 24 hours in jail.  Drivers less than 21 years old who commit a Georgia DUI first offense also see a one-year delay in obtaining a graduated license.

Second offense DUI in Atlanta, GA

As is true throughout the state, an Atlanta DUI second offense conviction within ten years guarantees at least 72 hours of jail time, potentially extending for 90 days. Fines range from $600 to $1,000, the driver’s license suspension period increases to three years (if the prior DUI arrest resulting in a conviction occurred within five years of the current DUI arrest), and community service increases to 30 days.

Reinstatement of a driver’s license still carries a fee, and completion of a mandatory clinical evaluation is also required for a Georgia DUI second offense.  Offenders may be required to complete a substance abuse treatment program, and the courts may require second offenders to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles.

  • There will be a publication of your picture for a second DUI offense
  • Forfeiture of license tags if it is the second DUI offense in five years
  • An ignition interlock device must be installed on your vehicle or a vehicle you operate if it is a second offense in five years
  • you must be enrolled in a treatment program to get an ignition interlock permit (if you are even eligible) if it is a second offense in five years

Third offense DUI in Atlanta, GA

Georgia DUI law considers an Atlanta DUI third offense in ten years to be the last step before trying future convictions as felony crimes.  A Georgia DUI third offense carries a mandatory 15-day jail sentence, with fines ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.  Driver’s license revocation extends for five years (if there are three convictions within five years), and community service is required for 30 days.  The name, address, and photo of the offender are published in a local newspaper at his or her expense.

Third offenders are declared to be habitual violators (if there are three DUI convictions within five years).  Their license plates are confiscated, mandatory clinical evaluation is required and the courts can require completion of a substance abuse treatment program, as well as installation of an ignition interlock device on their vehicles.

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