Atlanta DUI (Dismissed)

Mr. Sullivan successfully defended a client who was found passed out at an intersection in Atlanta by Atlanta Police.  Georgia State Patrol was brought to the scene to conduct an Atlanta DUI investigation.   Client did terrible on field sobriety evaluations and was arrested for DUI in Atlanta.  Our client refused to submit to the state administered breath test.  The DUI case was moved out of Atlanta Municipal Court to Fulton County State Court.  The prosecution took a very long time in filing the case.  Mr. Sullivan filed motions attacking the prosecution’s DUI case, including filing a motion to dismiss due to the delay in the prosecution and a motion challenging the initial detention of our client.  At the time of trial, the prosecution was unable to bring the initial officer to court (the arresting officer was there).  Arguably the prosecution still could possibly go forward with its case (the Georgia case law is murky in this area), but Mr. Sullivan was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the DUI charge in exchange for a plea to a lesser traffic offense of Reckless Driving.