Cobb County State Court: Refusal and 2nd Offense in 10 Years – DUI Dismissed

Client was found in the parking lot of a business in Kennesaw, Georgia after hours. Two witnesses reported to the officer that client had been in an accident prior to when the police arrived on scene. The officer reported that our client was not responding to his questions and that there were two open bottles of liquor found in the car. Client’s case began in Kennesaw Municipal Court but was transferred to Cobb County State Court for trial. After several failed attempts to convince the Solicitor to dismiss the DUI, and a pre-trial conference with the judge, Client’s case was finally reduced to Reckless Driving on the morning of trial. This was a second DUI arrest in ten years, so the stakes were high and we had to keep fighting until we resolved it without a DUI conviction. Client entered a plea to Reckless Driving, paid the lowest fine allowable under the statute, and his case was closed!