Forsyth County DUI (Not Guilty)

Our client made a wide turn onto another road and almost collided with another vehicle (caught on camera by the Forsyth County DUI Deputy).  Our client immediately pulled into a Waffle House and was detained by the deputy for a Forsyth County DUI investigation.  Our client agreed to perform field sobriety evaluations and was subsequently arrested for a DUI in Forsyth County.  He refused to submit the state administered breath test and was served a notice of an administrative license suspensionMr. Sullivan conducted a hearing for the the administrative suspension and was able to use a transcript from that hearing to his client’s advantage at his DUI jury trial in Forsyth County.  the Forsyth County jury found our client Not Guilty of the DUI, but did convict him on minor traffic offenses.  The DUI acquittal enabled our client to get his license reinstated.