Cobb County DUI & Child Endangerment Dismissed

Client arrested for DUI in Cobb County with her three-year-old child in the car, resulting in the additional charge of DUI-Child Endangerment.  The arrest unfortunately even made the nightly news on a local TV channel.  After a thorough investigation, it appeared that the evidence of the Cobb County DUI consisted primarily of the opinion of the clerk of a convenience store (and of course the opinion of the police officers who came to the scene).  There was no evidence of impaired driving, and the client declined roadside field sobriety testing, as well as a breath test.  Attorney Bob Chestney was able to convince the prosecutor that the DUI charges could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, so those charges were dismissed upon a plea of guilty to Reckless Conduct and Failure to Have Child Properly Restrained.