Ignition Interlock Waiver Order (granted)

From time to time Chestney & Sullivan is called upon to do “clean up” after another law firm’s mistakes.  Mr. Sullivan was hired by a client who now lives out of state to obtain a waiver from Georgia’s interlock requirement.  The client had entered guilty pleas to Georgia DUI cases in the early 2000’s (we did not represent her on those cases).  The client was declared a Habitual Violator due to entering a plea to DUI and DUI Child Endangerment out of one arrest when she already had a previous DUI conviction within five years before this DUI/DUI Child Endangerment charge.  This caused our client to be declared a Habitual Violator.   To make matters worse, her convictions were misreported to her criminal history as well as her driver’s history.  Mr. Sullivan was able to track down what courts the DUI’s actually were disposed in, and upon determining that, was able to file for a motion to  waive an ignition interlock requirement that was based upon the number of DUI’s the client had within a five year period.  Client would otherwise never be able to satisfy the ignition interlock requirement because the interlock device needs to be installed and monitored in Georgia  – client lives out of state.  Mr. Sullivan was able to get the criminal history and the Georgia MVR (license history) corrected, and was able to persuade a judge to sign an order waiving the ignition interlock requirement.   This cleared the suspension off her history and client was able to finally obtain an out of state driver’s license. 

Chestney & Sullivan partner Bob Chestney discusses Georgia DUI law on NPR station 90.1 WABE

Bob Chestney had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rose Scott on Closer Look, NPR radio station WABE 90.1.  He, along with representatives from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Georgia State Patrol discussed a wide range of issues relating to DUI arrests in Georgia.  With the holiday season upon us,  expect Georgia State Patrol and local Georgia law enforcement agencies to be conducting concentrated patrols and sobriety checkpoints.  Check out the interview below: