Austell DUI Single Car Accident, .164 Breath Test: Reduced to Reckless Driving

James “Skip” Sullivan represented a person charged with a DUI in Austell after he drove his car up on the railroad tracks right next to the Austell Police Department.  Our client was very cooperative with the Austell DUI officer throughout the DUI investigation.  Due to the weather, the only field sobriety evaluation that was done was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus evaluation.  Our client was then arrested and read the Georgia Implied Consent Notice.  He agreed to take the state administered breath test on the Intoxilyzer 9000 and blew a .164 – twice the legal limit here in Georgia.  Mr. Sullivan was able to convince the prosecutors in Austell Municipal Court that they would be in for a long court battle in Cobb County State Court over the admissibility of the breath test.  The prosecutors agreed to dismiss the DUI in exchange for a negotiated plea to Reckless Driving and Basic Rules. 

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Atlanta DUI and Hit & Run .197 Breath Test: Case Dismissed

Skip Sullivan, partner with Chestney & Sullivan Law Firm represented our client who was stopped by the Atlanta Police Department for striking another occupied vehicle while driving in Atlanta (knocked off the other driver’ side mirror).  He was immediately placed in the back of the Atlanta Police patrol car.  No field sobriety tests were performed.  Our client was eventually read the Georgia Implied Consent Notice and agreed to take a breath test at the jail.  The results were very high: .197/.202.  Mr. Sullivan sent the case out of Atlanta Municipal Court to Fulton County State Court for a jury trial.  He also filed motions attacking the admissibility of the breath test as well as a motion alleging a speedy trial violation.  After two motions hearing dates, the prosecution could not meet their burden and the Fulton County State Court Judge granted Mr. Sullivan’s motion to dismiss. 

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Forsyth County DUI Breath Test Case Reduced to Reckless Driving

Our client was stopped for a DUI investigation by a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputy because he was failing to maintain his lane and had a brake light out.  Our client performed reasonably well on field sobriety evaluations but was eventually arrested for DUI in Forsyth County.  He agreed to take a state breath test and the results were above the .08 legal limit in Georgia.  Skip Sullivan represented our client and filed targeted motions attacking critical parts of the prosecution’s case.  The day of motions after discussion with the prosecution and the Forsyth County DUI Officer, the prosecution agreed to reduce the DUI charges to Reckless Driving.  Our client was very happy with the results – so were we! 

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Atlanta DUI Breath Test: .106 (DUI Dismissed)

An Atlanta police officer came upon our client passed out behind the wheel at an intersection.  The Atlanta officer investigating a DUI eventually woke our client up, smelled alcohol, and began a DUI investigation.  The officer read the Georgia Implied Consent Notice and asked our client to submit to a state administered breath test at the Atlanta Jail. Our client agreed and the result was a .106 (the legal limit in Georgia is .08).  The prosecutors in Atlanta Municipal Court would not negotiate in this case, so Mr. Sullivan demanded a jury trial and the case was transferred to Fulton County State Court.  On the day of trial, Mr. Sullivan was able to convince the Fulton County Solicitor (prosecutor), that the breath test wound not be admissible as our client was not under arrest when the Implied Consent Notice was read.  The prosecutor reluctantly agreed and decided to dismiss the DUI charges and the Improper Stopping charge in exchange for a plea to Reckless Driving.  Our client had to avoid a DUI and was very happy with the result.